PORTFOLIO - $250k to $400k

Details and Proportions craft an Extraordinary work of Art in a Small Space

Fire and water. These are often the places where people gather. There’s movement. There’s life. It’s animated and alive. It really draws the eye and pulls people together, like gravity. It’s where you want to interact. it’s where you want to play.

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This mid-century home was transformed into one of my favorite hidden gems, clad in verdant Bisazza glass and bejeweled by three scalloped water weirs, ever catching the sparkling light.

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Across the water, the vanishing edge spa is the visual draw, reflecting the sculptural form of the olive tree, all enjoyed from the fire pit seating area. The line between water and landscape is blurred by a slight detail of tile, holding back the earth.

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A contemporary twist on traditional themes, with Luis Barragán as the inspiration, lead to this vivid modern reflecting pool and artfully composed garden space.

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Insight into the 32 Design Principles behind a Bianchi Design...

This book of principles captures the elusive qualities that separate what is esteemed from the mundane. They elevate even simple projects to an art form.

Those who have studied the arts know these fundamentals; yet the finesse of implementing these insights consistently takes rigorous application few have attained. The masters integrate them intuitively and now you can have them at your fingertips.