PORTFOLIO - $400k to $650k

Details, Proportions, and a Unifying Theme instills Elegance into your mid-sized spaces.

An embedded bridge of cast-in-place concrete floats over the stair-fall cascade, leads you to enjoy a previously unattainable vista view, while a jewel spa glistens in the sun, inviting you to stay a while.

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This was a Rio Verde Re-do. The previous property walls were monotonous and they came down too, so we were able to reshape them into a distinct backdrop that not only accentuated the lines of the pool, but also embraced key focal planting areas with bold strokes of color, reminiscent of the vivid Arizona landscape.

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This home was liberated from a caged-in boulder pile pool, to give way to a levitating, sweeping arc of glassy water, echoing the curvaceous lines of the home and reflecting the views beyond.

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Making the frame…that is the one most sophisticated move needed to make every space feel complete. Every space is a canvas, and every artist will say, keep your viewer’s gaze captivated within the canvas, always coming back for more.

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Would you like to view the 32 Design Principles used in creating a Bianchi Design?

This book of principles captures the elusive qualities that separate what is esteemed from the mundane. They elevate even simple projects to an art form.

Those who have studied the arts know these fundamentals; yet the finesse of implementing these insights consistently takes rigorous application few have attained. The masters integrate them intuitively and now you can have them at your fingertips.