We are an environmental architecture and conceptual design firm that expresses the outdoors as a living art form. We create surprising and beautiful outdoor environments for luxury homeowners who refuse to live in the mundane. Our designs sing without making a sound because artful living is about enjoying life.



Even as a young boy growing up in Detroit, Kirk Bianchi was captivated by creative pursuits such as photography, model building, and dioramas. In high school, he participated in an intensive architectural curriculum, winning several design competitions. This early success spurred him to continue his architecture studies at Arizona State University.

After University, Bianchi went to work for a major pool company in Phoenix after reading about Ted Miller, an ex-fisherman-turned pool designer. For several years, he learned about the business from the trenches. Soon his design talent emerged, and he was encouraged to bring his unique creative vision to every project.

In 1999 Kirk founded his own company, WaterScapes by Bianchi Design. His mission is to transform your ordinary backyard into a “waterscape” or a custom work of art.  Today, he is among the elite as an Award-Winning Arizona Pool Builder.

Bianchi’s design approach was inspired by a trip he took to Japan as a senior high school student. He was struck by how the Japanese architecture and landscape design integrated and blurred indoor/outdoor spaces in a simple, yet elegant way.

It is this approach that makes him unique among conventional pool designers and landscape architects who do not integrate the elements of architecture, landscape and pool design together. Bianchi truly creates ‘outdoor rooms’ or waterscapes that function as an extension of your home where you can swim, entertain, and relax.

When Kirk is not designing waterscapes, he can be found ballroom dancing or spending time with his son.

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