We are an environmental architecture and conceptual design firm that expresses the outdoors as a living art form. We create surprising and beautiful outdoor environments for luxury homeowners who refuse to live in the mundane. Our designs sing without making a sound because artful living is about enjoying life.



By masterfully combining the three disciples of landscape design, pool design, and exterior architecture, Kirk Bianchi elevates outdoor living to an art form. His talent, experience and wholistic approach allows him to personalize every design and create a one-of-kind sanctuary for each of his clients. His work has won numerous awards including Luxury Pools Pinnacle award, Phoenix Home & Garden “Master of the Southwest”, and multiple Best of Houzz awards.

Bianchi is also an Instructor for Genesis, the pool industry’s most comprehensive and complete curriculum. His Master Designer Methods course is a requirement for those looking to achieve their Certified Master Pool Builder & Design Professional designation, the highest level of third-party certification offered in the industry.

Bianchi’s design approach was inspired by a trip he took to Japan as a senior high school student. He was struck by how the Japanese architecture and landscape design integrated and blurred indoor/outdoor spaces in a simple, yet elegant way.

It is this approach that makes him unique among conventional pool designers and landscape architects who do not integrate the elements of architecture, landscape and pool design together. Bianchi truly creates ‘outdoor rooms’ or waterscapes that function as an extension of your home where you can swim, entertain, and relax.

When Kirk is not designing waterscapes, he can be found ballroom dancing or spending time with his son.

copyright Kirk Bianchi

copyright Kirk Bianchi | All rights reserved

copyright Kirk Bianchi | All rights reserved.

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