It is then orchestrated by an incredible team led by Kirk Bianchi.

How do we begin?


Complete our contact page and we’ll communicate by email or phone to set your first consultation.

Before your consultation, please email me a variety of high-resolution photos of your site, along with any existing site plans or architectural drawings. Take enough photographs (panoramic shots are ideal) to give me a visual tour of your space. When you have gathered these materials, please send them to

Peruse the internet and magazines and gather example images of features and designs you like (and don’t like.) Please gather and prepare these for our consultation.



This productive meeting is not your average discovery call. It requires a little homework on your part before we begin! We will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your project and upload photographs of your current outdoor environment so we can discuss real-life scenarios and peruse your space together.

Virtual Meeting: Your virtual consultation option is an online meeting. We can all login from anywhere in the world and I will share my screen so we can discuss your project images and review your examples. This option requires a $500 redeemable deposit.

Onsite Meeting (Greater Phoenix Area Only): Your onsite option allows a walk-through of your site so we can review your likes and dislikes while viewing the existing space together. With this onsite meeting, we can collaborate in person. This option requires a $750 redeemable deposit and is available in the greater Phoenix area only.)

During that first consultation, we will work together to accomplish the following:

Site Conditions: We will determine what site strengths can be accentuated and what isn’t working in your existing landscape and pool design.

Your Ideal: What key features, amenities, and stylistic or aesthetic items would you like to have in your outdoor environment?

Schedule yours now.


Your first meeting success is directly proportional to your level of preparation. The more familiar you are with imagery, styles, and amenities, and the more agreement you have in advance with your spouse regarding your wish list, the more easily you will be able to respond to Bianchi’s presentation in order to achieve consensus and move toward your goal.

Bianchi will present case study solutions that speak to similar challenges and opportunities presented by your site. Afterwards, Bianchi will begin to outline the determinations discussed in the consultation, bringing clarity and focus to what may feel like an overwhelming sea of options.

A well-conceived program guides the design process, so we will then develop a scope and cost for your conceptual design drawings, based upon our findings and reach an agreement to begin.

You will then receive a proposal for Conceptual Design Services and a working program to meet the design objectives. It is not customary to prepare drawings at this early stage, as this is the end product of many hours of site measuring, brainstorming, and creative problem-solving. (These steps take place once we’ve collaborated and you’ve approved moving forward with the conceptual design).


Conceptual design is Bianchi’s first forte. This conceptual design is where all of your ideas and site conditions are merged into one cohesive, self-evident layout. It perfects all the design elements into a two-dimensional, master plan drawing.

The conceptual design is merely a fraction of construction costs, and yet it is the most vital investment you can make as it provides the vision and guideline for bringing the concept to life.

View this example of this “everyday home” conceptual design drawing and photos of the actual pool and landscape design when complete.

The fee for conceptual design by Kirk Bianchi is a flat fee based upon your property size and wish list. For your reference, the minimum design fee is $7500. A small yard range begins at $10,000 and backyard environments with elevations and complicated elements start at $20,000.  Front and side yard additions are extra.



Once the conceptual design is complete, Bianchi will then obtain a construction proposal for you from his team of hands-on installers. This proposal will present good, better, and best options for your consideration and will detail allowances.

Bianchi’s second forte just happens to be assembling a team of accomplished artisans that orchestrate the entire project for you, from start to finish. These are vetted installers and team players that thrive on details and the finesse of pulling it all together. And to top it off, they are insightful designers in their own right, perfecting the vision.

Once you have approved a construction contract, Bianchi’s role is to commence with construction documents, detailing the elements that you chose to implement. As the project moves forward, finishes, colors, fabrics, and furniture can all be explored with you.

Bianchi’s involvement in the project continues with collaborative consultation, site visits, and expert oversight of design execution as construction continues. His fee for this phase of work, which includes construction drawings, site supervision, and continued design support is a mere fraction of the construction fees.

Here is an example of the construction drawing for the same conceptual design project, above.




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