Details, Proportions, and a Unifying Theme instills Elegance into your mid-sized spaces.

The subtractive architectural style of this house inspired us to carry through the organized diagonal lines from the front entry to the backyard. This grid created a framework by which we could drop in the key elements to create a shaded habitat in this west-facing space in Phoenix.

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Like a brilliant shard of glass, this 80’ x 15’ crescent fills one entire segment of the property corner to corner, merging the foreground with the golf course and lake beyond.

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Modern Zen + Artful Play: An elegant retreat for the adults and a rowdy place of play for the young ones…You CAN have both. With finesse and desire, we found the perfect blend.

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This home was liberated from a caged-in boulder pile pool, to give way to a levitating, sweeping arc of glassy water, echoing the curvaceous lines of the home and reflecting the views beyond.

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A contemporary twist on traditional themes, with Luis Barragán as the inspiration, lead to this vivid modern reflecting pool and artfully composed garden space.


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