What is beauty?

We can only describe it.

Balanced proportions. Sublime textures.

Sensual lines. Focused forms.

Harmonious hues. Rhythmic measures.

Lyrical, like music…frozen in time.

We sense its presence, and it moves us.

Does this sound like you?

You are passionate about sharing your home and success with your friends and those you care about. Your eye for beauty means your environment is a reflection of who you are. You appreciate quality art, architecture, travel, cuisine, fashion, music, and the genius behind them.

You are delighted by elegant solutions. You invest in quality, surrounding yourself with people and things of enduring value. You seek out experts in their craft; their talents and insights enhance your decision-making process and bring your dream to light. You want a trusted landscape designer—an artisan—to design your outdoor living space.

Artful living is about enjoying life.

Kirk Bianchi is passionate about creating magical settings for you to experience and enjoy every day.

He brings your vision to light, making it shine as he designs your outdoor space by paying close attention to details and the best allocation of your resources. When you work with Bianchi, you experience an artist who balances design with the highest return on investment.

He brings the expertise and talent you need for acquiring that tranquil setting you’ve dreamt about.

He finesses your luxury pool and landscape spaces into a sanctuary that you will treasure for years to come—like a favorite piece of art, antique or fine collectible.

For these reasons (and more), you want Kirk Bianchi, a trusted artisan and award-winning custom pool designer, to design your outdoor living space.



Kirk Bianchi sees beneath the surface, attuned with what your space could be. Stripping away the noise, he crafts intuitively what others can’t yet see…Your exquisite sanctuary, unveiled! Call Kirk Bianchi. It’s worth a conversation.


The best design will be a synthesis of your site conditions and wish list. Bianchi’s goal is to first create a master plan for your entire project. Once your ideal layout is determined, then you will have a sense of clarity regarding your project’s potential and direction.

After a master plan is created, wecan quantify, measure,and explore cost options, which will guide you in determining which finishes and features you prefer.

Once the design and respective pricing is done, you are now empowered to know exactly what your priorities are and how to achieve what you want, on your terms, in your timing.

When your outdoor space is a Bianchidesign, every moment is unforgettable. Memorable. Breathtaking.


A look behind the curtain...
The 32 Design Principles behind a Kirk Bianchi Outdoor Environment Design

This book of principles captures the elusive qualities that separate what is esteemed from the mundane. They elevate even simple projects to an art form.

Those who have studied the arts know these fundamentals; yet the finesse of implementing these insights consistently takes rigorous application few have attained. The masters integrate them intuitively and now you can have them at your fingertips.