This vanishing edge perimeter overflow reflecting pool in Phoenix showcases a majestic salvaged ironwood tree that creates an overhead sense of intimacy. The focal point is a scarlet glass tile overflow spa accessed by “floating” granite step stones, submerged one-quarter inch underwater, backlit by fiber optic lighting. The pool is anchored to the guest house by a raised planter, with rills of water cascading along the path.

The mature ironwood tree was selected for its sculptural form and serves as the reflected focal point enjoyed from all of the home’s views. Primary colors were woven in to elicit a higher energy vibe, in keeping with the client’s request for “hacienda modern.”

This was a really enjoyable project for having worked early with the architect and interior designer, Kimberly Alonzo. We designed the entire site from the curb to the back far corner and all of the outdoor living spaces, In conjunction with and accentuating the architecture of the home.

Designed as a team sport. Bringing all of the different disciplines together in an orchestrated way, creates an extraordinary experience for you to enjoy in decades to come.


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