Small spaces are especially about detail, proportions, and ensuring there is an easy flow in all of the circulation areas. Not to big. Not to small. Just right.

Minimizing edges and clutter is another way to make the most of a space. To eliminate the over use of furniture, a built in cushioned banco was created as the invitation to stay a while, and take in the warmth of the fire and good company.

The back edge of the pool is also diminished to the highest degree. A border of tile holds back the landscape, rather than a wide coping edge, so as to bring the foliage right to the waters edge.

Curves are easier than right angles to traverse in a tight space, so the foreground pool edge softened the flow from one side of the yard to the other.

A vanishing edge spa captures the reflection of a fruitless Swan Hill olive,  while a galley kitchen makes for a great enteraining space, and converting the antiquated doorwall into a fully retractable glass slider brings the outside in.


Would you like a complimentary copy of Kirk Bianchi’s 32 Design Principles?

This book of principles captures the elusive qualities that separate what is esteemed from the mundane. They elevate even simple projects to an art form.

Those who have studied the arts know these fundamentals; yet the finesse of implementing these insights consistently takes rigorous application few have attained. The masters integrate them intuitively and now you can have them at your fingertips.

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