Another favorite project. How to pick just one?

This resident was the son of a Mexico City interior designer, so it only made sense that their family home retreat would be festive and modern, inspired by the creations of architects Legorreta and Barragán.

The first move was to darken the perimeter walls, to recede into the shadows. Then, to lead the eye through the yard and create vignettes, accent walls of varying color and window detailing were placed throughout of the yard. The walls don’t quite touch each other, creating visual tension, allowing light to emerge between them. Their height just barely exceeds the perimeter wall, dissolving the line.

The diagonal opposite is typically where the focal feature goes, and in this case, a vanishing edge spa with a cantilevered stainless steel runnel brings a cascade of water to the reflective surface. The utilitarian equipment screen wall becomes a key element, by receiving light and providing a glowing backdrop to accentuate the spa focal line.

Why have decking everywhere? Bring the green into the space, and weave it throughout. The bright coping alone is the frame that draws the eye to the centerpiece, cantilevering over the water, creating a bold contrasting shadow-line at still water.


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