Are you ready to transform your backyard into an


Before We Meet

First peruse the portfolio on Houzz and tag which Bianchi projects are your favorite? Note in the photos what it is you like about that project. Then globally search houzz at large for whatever comes to mind. Fire pit ideas, outdoor kitchens, etc. Every feature you might like to incorporate can be found in this resource. Save the ones that inspire you to the idea book!
Here are some videos explaining how to create your idea book:
Houzz:  Pinterest:





    Are you ready to transform your backyard into beyond what you imagine possible?

    Here are a few things to think about:


    Is this your forever house?

    Are you going to be here long enough that you aren’t concerned about resale value?


    How do you want to feel in the space? (Ex: High energy, party / entertainment, serene, etc)

    What current qualities of your space are comfortable vs agitating?


    How do you need to function in the yard? How are you looking to use your space?

    Age range of people living in the household?

    How many people are living in the household?



    Why are you looking to transform your yard? (Ex: To be a host, to have a sanctuary in your home, bring your kids home, etc.)

    What is your core desire through re-designing your yard? 

    What do you hope that this new space will provide for you?  Mentally, emotionally, etc.

    Growing up, what was your favorite place to hang out with friends / family and why?

    What were the qualities of those experiences that were impactful to you?

    Where is your favorite place(s) that you’ve traveled to?

    What were the qualities of that place that resonated with you?


    What are your future needs vs current needs?


    Please create a vision board on Pinterest or HOUZZ of all the looks you love so we can review them together and discuss in our consult. Enter the URL for that vision board here: