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Designing Vertical Creating a Sense of Place

October 30, 2023, Author: bianchi

A key characteristic of memorable outdoor living spaces is that they have what we can loosely call a strong “sense of place.” The elements that contribute to this sense of place are things that give enclosure, taking the vast, undefined outdoors and carving “rooms” into it, spaces that impart a feeling of containment, even though they are outside. […]

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July 30, 2016, Author: bianchi

A Serene Sanctuary Calls for Reflection Near the base of the Superstition Mountains, this modern, curvaceous home was begging for a more appealing yard and landscape design than just the typical closed in pool and patio. Joe and Diane Corvino, while living out of state for nearly the entire project, entrusted Kirk to bring his insights to their AZ home-away-from-home. Bianchi, delighted […]

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A Complete Metamorphosis

June 3, 2016, Author: bianchi

A complete metamorphosis was needed to bring out the buried treasure hidden beneath this yard, and a family of five rattlesnakes had to find a new home! Here’s the short list of the awkward elements that had to be remedied: First, the neighbors’ living room window peered perpetually (like, all the time) and directly into the […]

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Reasons to Hire a Small Custom Pool & Landscape Designer for Unique Design in Arizona Neighborhoods

September 16, 2014, Author: bianchi

When it comes to companies that create custom, beautiful pool designs and build them, bigger is not always better. Salespeople of large and small companies alike are not generally versed in architectural strategies and principles, so that a pool or landscape becomes one with the home. Even their “custom from scratch” solutions can be forced […]

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3 Things to Look for to Get Expert Level Custom Swimming Pool & Landscape Design

September 16, 2014, Author: bianchi

You are probably about to make a significant expenditure in your outdoor living space. But whom should you call first to help? It depends whether you need a quick utilitarian fix to an urgent problem, or if you want a long-term solution offering the highest level of beauty, functionality, and maximum return on your investment. […]

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Finding the Right Builder for Your Pool & Landscape Project

September 7, 2014, Author: bianchi

Designing the outdoor areas of a home has become part of a growing trend for homeowners who want to integrate innovative and customized designs into their estate with the purpose of maximizing their living space. Especially in warm climates, such as Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Tucson, Sedona, Austin, L.A., San Diego and San Francisco, where […]

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Pool and Landscape Design Ideas From an Expert Arizona Designer & Builder

September 1, 2014, Author: bianchi

If you are in the market for a major landscape and pool construction project for your home and yard, and you are feeling inspired with the many home and garden ideas that are shown on TV and in print, you may already know you want something different than the status quo. However, if you’ve never […]

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Create a Resort in Your Own Back Yard with Award Winning Pool and Landscape Design

March 28, 2014, Author: bianchi

Here’s a frequent refrain, “I need a vacation. I’ve been stuck indoors at the office all week. I need an outdoor therapeutic place to escape to for relaxation and a sense of freedom rather than being cooped up at home. I need exercise and time with family, something that is more convenient than eating out […]

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A Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Pool

September 29, 2011, Author: bianchi

Three main goals drove the design and construction of this one-of-a-kind pool. First, the homeowners wanted a backyard that embodied their lifestyle. Second, they wanted the design to exemplify the unique character of the home, which is part of a Taliesen designed community, where each house has the Frank Lloyd Wright esthetic. Third, they wanted […]

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Water Fountain & Fire Pit Add Distinction

August 14, 2011, Author: bianchi

Published in Phoenix Home & Garden, September 2011 “Elegance and Comfort Meld in a Designer’s Own Residence” (excerpt) Rows of pavers intersected by grass lead to a wood trellis with grape-bearing vines and a tiled fire pit, with its displays of porcelain spheres. All designed by Kirk Bianchi, a Phoenix Home & Garden, Master of […]