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Designing Vertical Creating a Sense of Place

October 30, 2023, Author: bianchi

A key characteristic of memorable outdoor living spaces is that they have what we can loosely call a strong “sense of place.” The elements that contribute to this sense of place are things that give enclosure, taking the vast, undefined outdoors and carving “rooms” into it, spaces that impart a feeling of containment, even though they are outside. […]

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Elevate Your Outdoor Space

June 8, 2023, Author: Kirk Bianchi

Spending time outside is good for your physical and mental health. It is shown it can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance your mood and creativity. Outdoor spaces can easily be considered an extension of the inside of your home, so why not design it that way? Did you know that elevating your outdoor […]


Your Style…Only Better.

December 31, 2020, Author: Kirk Bianchi

Style Mishaps So, I’ve hired a wardrobe consultant twice in my life when I had the realization that my decision-making process was flawed when making style selections for myself. I was consistently picking things that were too flashy, too gaudy, or too bright. I was choosing patterns that were too busy, or the selections were ostentatious […]

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The Pool As Mirror

July 27, 2017, Author: bianchi

As seen in… Harness the power of reflections to maximize emotional impact WHY ARE REFLECTIONS so compelling? We see them used to powerful effect in poolscapes today and in the world’s most famous bodies of man-made water, such as the reflecting ponds in front of the Taj Mahal and the National Mall in Washington, D.C. […]

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Las Estrellas Streamlined

April 16, 2017, Author: bianchi

A Sleek Solution, Streamlined This edited, lighter design still features overlapping rectangular forms to unite the varying locations in the yard. This refined version of the previous design shows that it is really the underlying layout that drives the design. As long as that is intact, a lot of elements can be reduced to their essence […]

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Las Estrellas Design One

April 15, 2017, Author: bianchi

A Sleek Solution Overlapping rectangular forms were crafted to weave foreground, central spaces with distant corners of this elongated, shallow yard. To create interplay between distant spaces,  strong focal elements were established throughout the yard, and edges were erased by thinning boundary profiles to their thinnest component. The result is that panels of lawn then merge seamlessly with panels of water, while […]

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July 30, 2016, Author: bianchi

A Serene Sanctuary Calls for Reflection Near the base of the Superstition Mountains, this modern, curvaceous home was begging for a more appealing yard and landscape design than just the typical closed in pool and patio. Joe and Diane Corvino, while living out of state for nearly the entire project, entrusted Kirk to bring his insights to their AZ home-away-from-home. Bianchi, delighted […]

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Paradise Restored

July 22, 2016, Author: bianchi

The artful touch of Bianchi Design on this home unlocks the jewel hidden within. A neglected ’60s ranch in Paradise Valley, Az, situated along the north face of Camelback Mountain was not only dated, it was never designed to take in the spectacular setting afforded by its prime location in the first place. Recognizing the […]

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A Complete Metamorphosis

June 3, 2016, Author: bianchi

A complete metamorphosis was needed to bring out the buried treasure hidden beneath this yard, and a family of five rattlesnakes had to find a new home! Here’s the short list of the awkward elements that had to be remedied: First, the neighbors’ living room window peered perpetually (like, all the time) and directly into the […]

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Outdoor Living as an Art Form

July 19, 2015, Author: bianchi

As an outdoor architectural designer, I bring together three disciplines; landscape, swimming pool, and exterior architecture, to form one harmonious vision that will transform and liven your outdoor experience. Ordinary settings become extraordinary. For a complimentary consult, drop a line at our Contact page.