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Las Estrellas Streamlined

April 16, 2017, Author: bianchi

A Sleek Solution, Streamlined This edited, lighter design still features overlapping rectangular forms to unite the varying locations in the yard. This refined version of the previous design shows that it is really the underlying layout that drives the design. As long as that is intact, a lot of elements can be reduced to their essence […]

Bianchi, Insight

Las Estrellas Design One

April 15, 2017, Author: bianchi

A Sleek Solution Overlapping rectangular forms were crafted to weave foreground, central spaces with distant corners of this elongated, shallow yard. To create interplay between distant spaces,  strong focal elements were established throughout the yard, and edges were erased by thinning boundary profiles to their thinnest component. The result is that panels of lawn then merge seamlessly with panels of water, while […]

Bianchi, Insight

Transform Your Back Yard with Good Swimming Pool Design and Quality Landscaping Ideas

September 15, 2014, Author: bianchi

“My backyard is ugly and uninviting… not a place that I would welcome friends and family.” Does this sound familiar? Plenty of people buy their home based on how it looks from the curb or how the rooms are laid out with little regard to the outdoor living areas. In fact, very often the back […]