Bianchi, Insight

Las Estrellas Streamlined

April 16, 2017, Author: bianchi

A Sleek Solution, Streamlined

This edited, lighter design still features overlapping rectangular forms to unite the varying locations in the yard.

This refined version of the previous design shows that it is really the underlying layout that drives the design. As long as that is intact, a lot of elements can be reduced to their essence without detracting from the overall effect. In this example, all of the raised planter walls have been eliminated and the landscape is flush to the ground plane, yet the organization and grouping of focal elements remain the same.  The spa that was once raised 12″ above grade, is now only slightly so. Seven inches above water makes it flush to the ground plane. The backdrop to the fire, instead of a wall with a cantilevered trellis, has been distilled down to three vertical trellis panels. A lighter version that still defines the space and distracts ones view to the neighbors house beyond. The same vertical motif was repeated at the spa in lieu of the Saguaro cacti. An element that is retained is the tile retaining edge at both planters and lawn. Small details like this are affordable and have a great impact toward dissolving the defined edges of the pool, allowing it to be more seamlessly integrated in the space. Kirk